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Pigeon scrunchies ?

June 3, 2008

what is it ? WELL !

it is exactly what is sounds like ….

big surprise i know ! im so random of course

so i guess the real question is if i type the rest of this blog post out in a purple font will you have totally lost all respect for me by the time i type a question mark ?

i will take that as a no and change it back to black out of respect for those reading

SO pigeon scrunchies as a phrase was created one day while my friend caitlin hill and i were walking around NYC and i could not stop thinking of how dumb and hilarious pigeons look. Then that lead me to think about how dumb and hilarious scrunchies are !

okay lets be honest… the only people you ever see really wearing actually big poofy scrunchies are either typical trailer trash ( eek i must seem mean for making that statement ) or they are stuck in the 80’s …or …they TIME TRAVELED from the 80’s using their bath tub and …

no that could not happen.

what what can happen is my writing

i miss writing i used to do it a lot.. i used to be good … i used to spell well … i used to be imaginative .. what happened ?

i will write here …